Han XinYun, Chinese Tennis Superstar, trained with Conrad Singh, founder and Master Coach of CETA Tennis Academy.

The US Open is on fire, this is the fourth and last Grand Slam tournament of the year. The other three, in chronological order, are the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Han XinYun participated in the US Open 2018 celebrated during the second half of August. Before the tournament starts, tennis players get ready with a special training and Han is not an exception.

Even though she is traveling all over the world, every time she is in America she goes to Centercourt and trains with Conrad Singh, this time she was getting ready for the US Open.

“Han XinYun is a phenomenal player. I work with her as a specialist coach every time she is in New York” Conrad Singh

Conrad Singh developed the number one High Performance Players program which saw over 200 athletes train under his specialized systems. He is a regular on the Professional Tour with Grand Slam and ATP 1000 Level players competing all over the world. His results speak for themselves with over 50 titles with various players as a coach at ITF Pro and Junior Level and some major ranking improvements from players that have worked with Conrad for intensive periods.

Han XinYun was proclaimed as one of the great hopes of China as a junior tennis player, since she made a bright start rising to a ranking 25 as a teenager. In 2010, Han made her Grand Slam debut, and nowadays she is one of the best Chinese players, ranking 75 in doubles and 150 in singles.

One of CETA Tennis most important allies is Centercourt Tennis Academy. The main goal of the association is to pursue a competitive level, improve the UTR scores and reach international exposure for Chinese players.

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